Little Para Linear Park

Perhaps it's the little sister to the Torrens Linear Park, but the Little Para Linear ParkLittle Para Wetlands is a delight. You can ride from the mangroves into the hills face on good surfaces which are often sealed.  There are crossings under all the main roads, a shopping centre, pub for lunch, and close access from Salisbury railway station if you want it. The whole park is off road with the exception of a 350metre stretch on a back street around some private land.

There are a myriad of tracks, meaning it is easy to end up on the opposite side of the creek to what you intend, but a smart phone with Google Maps soon solves that problem.

At the eastern end there are couple of 15 percent slopes, which are not enough to stop a local who walks his dog via gopher. You can also wander off into the northern hills face tracks above Hillbank, as you can see on the GPS trace below the photo album at the bottom of this page.

Until the climbs that begin a kilometre or so upstream from the Old Spot Hotel, the whole path is naviagble by a ten year old. It's a great ride for families or for anyone just gaining confidence of a bike.

Currently (June 9) the wetlands at the bottom end are full.

Note Well!!! The path under Highway One has very low clearance. Pull your head in!

Gum trees and wetlands


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