Notes: Day 18 - Wilora

I hit the road at 8:15 after a very cold night which was not quite a frost. I spotted a phone amplifier at Aileron as I left, and sent a text to Wendy and then rang her from Ti Tree. The photo is of another amplifier, not the one at Aileron. The dish boosts the faint signal down to your phone.

I saw that Ian Dahlenberg’s dream farm is up for sale, and found a memorial to him that the Stuart memorial site.

It was a slower day, although the soreness from all the lifting of the jammed up bike in Alice Springs seems to have worked itself out. The wind was on my right elbow and almost forward of it a few times, so it was no help. The GPS says I averaged 19.1 km/h.

I got a shout and a wave from the Belgian girls as they overtook me, and I lunched at Ti Tree with two couples who have been up to see where a son had worked at Ali Curung Aboriginal community.

Central Mount Stuart

Get it? And, btw, it's the gate that's  crooked, not the photo!

I had the dickens of a job getting across boggy sand to the cattle fence tonight, and yet now seem to be camped over a granite shelf! I have only 3 of 8 tent pegs in the ground and everything else tied to boulders! I hope we stay put-- it seems to be developing into a windy night. I think I am two or three kilometres south of Willora community, and around 40 kilometres south of Barrow Creek; maybe just 300 kilometres from Tennant Creek. I’ve been wondering, lying here, if I have suddenly developed tinnitus, because I can hear a constant high pitched whine.  I’ve just realised it’s the top frequency of the Willora engine shed; a fact borne out by the occasional faint barking which accompanies the putative tinnitus!

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