Posted 5-07-2004

The archbishop had a reputation as a kind and approachable man. I knew his brother, and if he's like him he is a good bloke. But what power does!

It must have been a sleepy spring morning because three catholic staffers, my son, and l all piled into the lift and were startled to find ourselves going down to the archdiocesan car park. At the bottom, the archbishop stepped in, dressed in suit and stock. 

My 9 year old protestant son, took in the purple and the catholics stepping back against the walls. The archbishop gave us a cheerful good morning. The lift was un-naturally silent. The archbishop stepped out on the ground floor. The staff relaxed- almost as though they had been un-hooked from invisible hangers on the lift walls. My son watched as they left on the first floor. He turned to me as we travelled on up to the second. "Who in the hell was that?" he asked.

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