Do you remember?

Do you remember me? A weekend long ago in Australia, when you stayed in our college? Three girls from New Zealand, and you were the odd one out. You were lonely, and I took you to church; the 8am service. You were so taken by what you saw, we stayed on for the 9.30 service. The preacher was James Glasse, who was good, and didn't finish. So we took his invitation, and stayed on for the llam service to hear the end.  I can still remember"chicken fryers" and "enthusiasts", along with the "pious types" in First Corinthians.

I have a vague recollection of your fair hair and light clothes, and your Brethren church- why couldn't it be like this?
I always regretted your leaving; I think you've been a symbol of what might have been. Training to be a teacher in Otago- I can't even remember your name. Sometimes I grieve over that.

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