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Thoughts on U.S.A. vs. Australia
Erik Stromvall 14-04-2014
A well written opinion. I am an American who like you finds our inwardness and centric nature disturbing. I don't know if you've been here but part of this is due to having a media where "so many with so much have done so little" to steer its people toward understanding in the broadest sense. The old Soviet propagandists must be green with envy! The way to colonize a people's mind is to hold them in thrall to spectacle and the banal. You mentioned the movie Air Force One....truly embarrassing! I'm not sure the North Korean government could have put out such a stinker. I'm on an IPad now but would like to write more on this subject. My fellow countrymen look at me like I have open sores when I criticize our culture and lack of sensitivity. One other American gets it...a former President.

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