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Just Who is this Caesar?

Bill Schlesinger 23-10-2017
As you've defined it, 'Caesarism' infects every part of society, and me as well. George Bush (NOT my favorite U.S. President) declaimed nationalism that became nativism. There is no 'pure' state of any system, because all systems are human inventions and all of us are broken folk who 'miss the mark.' So we have to figure out how we deal with these systems and institutions around us (schools and hospitals, courts and legislatures) that do provide structure and which are based on unfaith (mistrust). How do we give them what is theirs, including advice and opposition, even as we keep them in being (unless we're nihilists - which I'm not)? And how do we repent of our own lumping folk together and wishing them ill (which I do!)?
Andrew 23-10-2017
Bill, as ever, thanks for your perceptive comments. I have quoted you in some detail in this week's post as your question has sparked some serious thinking there. Go to The Unlearning of Love, which you will see on the bottom of the menu to your right. (Shameless click baiting!) Andrew

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