Looking West from The Jump Up, north of Itjinpiri on the way to Amata, 1995

When in Lent...

Bill Schlesinger 11-03-2019
The knife edge is so sharp. 'Accept your pain and suffering,' says the man to woman. 'It's your lot in life.' Yes and NO. The suffering and pain of the human condition - and the destruction of native Americans (I have friends who worked in Oombulgurri in the 70's writing now that talk of every person over 16 being addicted). But maybe it's the despair that comes from the pain being so overwhelming that it erases the 'when' - and makes trust impossible. Arrogance and despair seem to be the two faces of not trusting. When people are abused and fight back, they're trusting life. They aren't deadening themselves to the pain they've experienced. Jesus didn't take the pharisee's abuse meekly in the debates as thought they were right, even as he gave himself to his death. Working this through a bit for myself...

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