Flinders, looking south to Wilpena Pound November 2014

God is the gardener

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Well done!
Judith Stark 21-03-2019
A clear, concise explanation, Andrew, that even a theologian might understand :-) Thank you for sharing this excellent message to us all.

Age at production
Carolyn 22-03-2019
I read that fig trees don't begin to produce until they are three to five years old. The question in my mind has always been, how old is this fig tree when the owner starts looking for figs?

Re: Well done.
Andrew 22-03-2019
Thankyou Judith

Re: Age
Andrew Prior 22-03-2019
Yes... From my orchard experience three years is what I would've expected as a minimal reasonable time. So... is the story crafted to show up the farmer as harsh and unreasonable, or is the story crafted so that the number three stands out to people as being 'a bit soon to expect figs' and so prompts them to wonder if the three refers to something else? Both seem reasonable to me.

A Trinitarian Reflection
LOUIS VAN LAAR 23-03-2019
Hello again Andrew, a fine piece of work again. To me, Jesus prayer on the cross, father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 22.34) argues against a vengeful God intent on punishing, even punishing Jerusalem because of the response to Jesus... unless God 'does not accede' to the Son's request to forgive... would that not cause some dissonance within the trinity?

RE: A Trinitarian Reflection
Andrew Prior 23-03-2019
Hi Louis. You would think so, wouldn't you? It always surprises me how much our desire/need for punishment can blind us to such issues!

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