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Jesus and Job

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Jesus - Job link
Mike 19-04-2019
Thanks Andrew. Loved the link between Jesus and Job, particularly your reflections on strangers in the church and breaking bread. Not sure I get the final couple of paras about resurrection, particularly "Resurrection means not only that Jesus is raised, and that you and I are raised. It means that Job's children, so mercilessly destroyed, are also raised to new life".

Re: Jesus - Job link
Andrew 19-04-2019
Hi Mike. Thanks. I mean that resurrection is not only about us being raised, but also the folk who suicided in our concentration camp on Nauru-- at least, that's where resurrection starts. But it flows on... the finality of resurrection, its completion, in a sense, is that the world runs without concentration camps. That somehow people can live without doing that to each other. I have no idea how such a thing can come to be, but what kind of world is it if God builds a creation which is good (Genesis), but which is built upon the blood of the poor and the suffering, not to mention the innocent. There must be justice for all people who have suffered, not just for us. Not sure if this helps... I'm supposed to be practising my Good Friday readings :) Coffee?

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