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Somewhere in the last week before a big ride, there is a change. Everything begins to focus in on the ride. The future is all ride; everything else can wait.

Today is that day. There will be no time to prepare anything after tonight. Work still needs attention, and relationships still have to work, so all the gear needs to be packed with only some perishable food ready to pack in when I get home on the last evening. I'll drive to work on Wednesday, and leave before dawn on Thursday.

And today the mind is playing and replaying scenarios for what may come. It's a focussing and calming process. A trip like this is not without risks, even though I can mostly avoid the three major highways which run up through South Australia. Indeed, isolation is as much a danger as traffic. You could fall asleep and ride into a ditch and be invisible from the road.

The weather is warming. Spring winds are variable, and there is no sense that we're anywhere near the calmer days of summer. It's still a day or two early to guess the wind, but today's slam a car door out of your hand, dust whipping winds, are a reminder of what may be in store. The first day is, on paper, a 19 hour push north to set the trip up for some milestone targets. But this wind could make it an exhausting 30 hour slog and make finishing the only priority. The same wind, in the opposite direction, could take the first day back to 16 hours and leave a rider much fresher.  I wait to see.

It's will only just be November, but last November I woke shivering at 10 degrees and rode through 41 degrees later in the day. Heat and cold were equally debilitating, and altered my plans. And rain is forecast. Not much yet, but I'm covering a 400 by 100 km slab of the state, so I can't risk being without wet weather gear. Coming home tired without waterproofs could stop everything.

I wait… and try not to irritate my wife too much with my distraction! (October 29 2017)  

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A little bit of climbing to sharpen up! Read on >>>>

clarefarrellflatroadIt's only 321 km to ride to the world's end— and back!

World's End is out east of the northern Mt Lofty Ranges. There's an old Wesleyan Methodist Church, and not much else, but where else can you ride the World's End Highway! Read on >>>>



Little Para Linear Park, near Bolivar


The Linear Park


We're all smiles, but look at the weather in the shot below.

Biking for Books has three women riding Adelaide to Darwin, raising funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  Brenda, Annie and Liz are today battling it out on the road to Port Pirie, after a horror introduction to Highway One and SA weather yesterday. Richard Spurling and I had the honour of leading them out to Two Wells, where we arrived just in time for a sharp squall which introduced even worse weather for the rest of the day.  Although the wind had been pretty nasty after leaving the shelter of the suburbs at Bolivar Road, it took stuff up a notch or three from Two Wells. Richard and I had the privilege of turning around and taking a very fast ride home!




This is the Parfield Airport bike path, August 1, 2017


02-RiverLightI planned a three day ride up into the Flinders, but this came unstuck with a broken spoke on the first day, 123 km north of Adelaide. A wheel should keep running with one spoke missing, but I've been down this path before and found that eventually another spoke will go. So heavier gauge spokes or not, I was not going into more remote country on a suspect back wheel. Day One was a 246km training ride up past Clare and back home! Read on >>>>

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