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Well, the Blade 4 that's taken me half way round the country has given up the ghost.

There's been this click, slowly getting worse.... and we've reseated the bottom bracket and I've taken off a lot of stuff and cleaned it up and retightened it all. To no avail.

Last night, Gav at the LBS retensioned the spokes, took off the cranks and pedals--and took out the bottom bracket again. So we did all the easy stuff.

And for about 3km it ran silent. Then the creaking started again, and the click was back the time I arrived home.

I stood the bike upside down at home and ran a light over the frame.

59252km and I think we've come to the end of the road. I'm not going to weld a chainstay.

The night before the Bupa Ride we had the heaviest rain I've ever seen! There was an inch of rain in 20 minutes. I spent the evening— my early night— clearing drains and helping flood the backyard to keep water out of the house. So, despite best intentions, I was still awake at midnight, with the alarm set for 3.45... Read on >>>>

Faced with the blessing of an unexpected day off, what is one to do but go for a ride. It's the middle of December, but yesterday dawned under cloud but with the BOM suggesting the threat of rain was minimal. So I chugged up Yorketown Road to One Tree Hill, and warmed up properly on Mount Gawler so that I was ready for Checker Hill. From there it's a short ride to our favourite cherry farm.... Read on >>>>

There’s just too much on this week, so I decided I needed a treat on the way to work.

12 minutes from my house is this... Read on >>>>



The last 6 days home. Read on >>>>

West Wyalong... Read on >>>>

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