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The latest update to my Markan commentary is here.
(Updated January 11 2011)

According to my school English teachers the reading above could be written like this:  While two of them were going home, Jesus appeared to them.

That is the key action of the event. That’s what happened. Everything else falls into one of two categories. Either it adds meaning and significance to the event, or it is padding. Padding is that practice of students everywhere who have to make up a word limit, but have nothing of substance to add to their essay. It is supposed to be more subtle and less obvious to the teacher, than filling two pages by increasing the font size, or the margin width... Read on >>>>

To me, the “paschal mystery” of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the rabbi is an archetypal reminder about how, as science now teaches us, all things in the cosmos live, die and resurrect. Supernovas, galaxies, solar systems, planets, beings that inhabit our planet – we all have our time of existence and of passing out of existence. But we leave something behind for further generations and that constitutes resurrection... Read on >>>>
What a great ride today was; 148km from Griffith to Hay with a tail wind! Better even than this was the route I took.  The main road goes from Griffith to Darlington Point on the Murrumbidgee River and then follows the Sturt Highway another 115km to Hay on the south side of the river. I took the north side road... Read on >>>>

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