Australia's Shame 

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Australia's treatment of Asylum Seekers has become a disgrace, especially in the last year (2001).  We have changed from a country which welcomed the Vietnamese Boat People under a visionary leadership. We have become selfish and lacking in compassion, led without shame, by a government seemingly concerned more with re-election than its humanitarian obligations.  Australia has colluded with them and re-elected them.  The pages which follow chart some of the saga.

Pictures by Nicholson

Although John Howard gets a lot of criticism in these pages, it is important to remember that sections of the Labor Party, including the then leader Kim Beasley almost fell over themselves to agree with his hard line.

You will see I have made a lot of use of mainline Australia papers like The Age, The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald in this series.  There is a reason for this.  They are our news source in this country.  We don't have to go to some radical, foreign news source which is inimical to our Australian sovereignty.  We ordinary Australians have easy access to the truth about ourselves in all this.


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