Ian McPhee 

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Ian McPhee is the former Ethnic Affairs Minister in the Fraser Liberal Government of 1979-1982.  He is now a member of Victoria's Constitution Commission.

He is reported in The Weekend Australian (of November 10/11 pp11) encouraging people to put the candidates for John Howard's liberals last on the ballot paper. 

 A win would be devastating for Australia's standing internationally according to McPhee.  McPhee spoke the Australian's Kate Legge about travelling as a Federal Minister together with Labor politician Mick young to gain public acceptance of boat people from  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  He said the immigration model used then is a "beacon alongside the current shambles." 

The article notes that in 1988 McPhee crossed the floor with Phillip Ruddock the current Minister of Immigration to reaffirm support for a non-discriminatory immigration policy.  Mr Ruddock seems to have come a long way since then.




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