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Posted July 13 2003

Allan has a fine eye for irony (and tragedy).  The following arrived recently with Cc's to a number of politicians:

DIMIA's reign of terror grows,

Visited Baxter today and found upset Australian man and American wife from Roxby Downs (just north of Woomera). Married 2 years I think. She had visa and not aware of any problem with it. 

DIMIA "discovered" she had overstayed visa and broke into their home while they were out. First they knew was being accosted in the street and woman forcibly taken. Taken to Adelaide watch-house and DIMIA desperately trying to forcibly deport her on the spot. Treated very badly, no food or blankets, told she was a criminal etc. Taken to Baxter last night. Half of Roxby Downs ready to picket Baxter. Woman kept in Blue 1 last night, crying most of time. Says it is like a dream (nightmare).

Of course we all know it is OK to do this to someone with dark skin who's native language is not English but not a white woman from America!! 

The ACM staff we know have been very good to her, particularly --- and ----. The women in Blue 1 will also look after her. But what can be done about the criminal behaviour of DIMIA? They seem to be outside the law. An Iraqi man told yesterday his father was killed 3 MONTHS ago in our attack on Iraq. Very upset of course. Auntie and other family members from Sydney (and Frank Brennan) here today for mass for his father. This is not Australia. It is Howard-Ruddocks rogue state. 



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