No mercy for children  

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Posted 13-07-2003

 From The News website

Ruddock applies to detain children  By Kylie Williams June 26, 2003

"Ms Williams reported that Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock today applied to keep five children in a detention centre after the Family Court said they should be set free." He applied for a stay to the Court ruling that "detaining children indefinitely for immigration purposes was illegal."

Because Mr Ruddock wants this stay  the children will  have to stay in detention until after his appeal to the High Court.

I suppose their are issues of jurisdiction here, and questions if the Family Court has any business ruling on immigration issues.  These do need to be sorted out.  And yes, we could unhelpfully get the children's hopes up.  As Ruddock's lawyer said, "if the children were released they may have to go back to the detention centre after only a short period of time."

Then again, we could apply common sense and plain human charity, and recognise that children don't belong in jail. I remember they took Kahlia away from Lindy Chamberlain because jail is not good for children.  Why are these children being kept in jail.

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