Ruddock transferred  

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 Mr. Ruddock has served the Coalition well. He has been spectacularly successful in enforcing a no-mercy policy against refugees. Now he has been promoted to Attorney General. 

One thing that sticks in my mind about Attorneys General in recent years is a tendency to attack the judiciary. They often seem to have been at odds with the system I thought they were there to support! As a hardline enforcer Ruddock will be ideal for the job. Being cynical I can't help wondering what Prime Minister Howard has in mind for the legal system in this country if he is putting Ruddock in the job.

As for the new Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone is pretty tough and competent. I don't expect a sudden relaxation in government attitudes. One can only hope for her sake that enforcing the government's hardline policies will not be as destructive as they seem to have been for Ruddock. Perhaps she will have the guts to be a little less harsh.  All power to her if she does.


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