The Greatest Gift

Carson, who is nine, gave this speech for a school oratory competition.  With young men of this spirit, the world has a future!

In preparation of this speech, I spent a lot of time looking at all the gifts I had received in my life. Some gifts, like clothes were easily not the best gift. I considered my X Box, my Dog which I received for my birthday or Holidays I have been given. The kind of gifts I have received is vast. Working out what is the best gift became very hard. 

So I considered lots of things about each gift - How long would it last, How enjoyable it was, and How special it was to me. In the end, I believe MY best gift, is everyone's best gift, and I hope by listening to my speech you will agree.

We all love gifts. Some of you will like games, or flowers, or even love. But when you think about what is your best gift is it really games, flowers or love?

I don't think these are the best gifts we have been given. 

To me the best gift I ever received was the GIFT OF LIFE. This was given to my by my parents and God. To do with as I see fit. To make the most of life, care for my life and the lives of others.

You may think that life is an odd gift to talk about. But I thought about all of the gifts I had received, Some of them broke, some I grew out of, and some I never liked in the first place. In the end there was only 2 best gifts. The love people had given me, and my life. As I couldn't love without life, life became the best gift.

You may also think that this was not really a gift. In my case, it really is a gift, and in most peoples case, when they think about it, they were also given the best gift the day they were born. My parent choose to give me life.

Some gifts cost a lot of money, some cost only a little. The cost of the gift does not have any value in the greatness of the gift. You may think that the gift of life is free - But mum says she is still paying for it!!!

So the only question remains is - How great a gift is my life. I believe that my choices and my future will answer this questions.

So when you go home tonight, I hope you see life as I do - THE BEST GIFT EVER GIVEN.

© Carson Seagle March 2004

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