Zachary is Six

From Zachary's baptismal homily 

Zachary will face this. Already we treat him differently from the little girl babies. At school they will seek to toughen him up, despite what Lynley and Corey seek to instil in him. He will suffer great pain. Because of Lynley, and especially because of Corey, he will probably be one of the sensitive men. One who eschews the violence of maleness which this culture will seek to press into him. 

In Zachary's baptismal homily I said 

the 'man who spoke less words than any other man, knew exactly what to say.' Pentecost says this will be so for Zachary. His tongue will be set loose to speak and sing, and his feet to dance, and his soul to know joy.

Zachary is often quiet. He thinks deep thoughts and feels many things.  He is growing to be a good man.




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