Creation Science?

Several times now, Ben, you have spoken to me about creation science. You have offered me the DVD you received from the Answers in Genesis bus. And you know I disagree with the whole area. In fact, I think I tactfully told you, "It's crap."

So why do I have such strong disagreement with ''Creation Science?"

Let me tell you I studied and gained a biological sciences degree at Uni. I then read Creation Science and was disgusted at the lies I was apparently told at university. Then, over a long period of bible and theological study, I began to realise that it is Creation Science that is in error, and dramatically so. So I've been through the whole issue on both sides, so to speak.

Basically I think it is mistaken with respect to science, with respect to the Bible, and with respect to how we live as Christians. Whole books are written on this subject, and you and I don't have the time for that. It's also an enormous subject. So what I am doing here is listing some key points and some links. It's not exhaustive, but it outlines some of the key areas. Use it as you wish!

Please be clear that I don't think adhering to a belief in creation science means a person is some how not a Christian. But I do think it can it channel a lot of energy into the wrong direction.

Roughly, I understand Creation Science as follows:
Creation Science affirms that God created the cosmos (all that is). This is usually understood to have happened relatively recently compared to the very long time periods associated with commonly accepted evolution and geology. Evolution does not explain the origin of life on earth, according to Creation Science, is a mistake at best, and at worst a deception by militant unbelievers. Real Christians (once they understand the truth) believe in Creation Science.

1. A valid concern, but the wrong reaction.
2. "Scientist" does not mean much.
3. "Christian" doesn't mean much either!
4. Creation Science is about theology, not science.
5. Creation Science is bad science.
6. Creation Science is conspiracy theory married to fearful belief.
7. What you think the Bible is makes a big difference!
8. What is belief and faith?
9. What does wrong-thinking about belief and faith do to you?
10. In what do you put your faith?


Posted 21 April 2006



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