Dear Cate.
As I close the curtains after lighting the fire, there are only six kangaroos out the front. There were twenty earlier this afternoon. Annie-Rose is delirious with all the roo poo and has begun to produce credible imitations.

Kangaroos are now passé, but she remains deeply suspicious of the emus, and sounds like Isabeau growling at John when they come past! An old man emu came about five steps from the side window this afternoon and Annie-Rose went and hid behind the fire with little growls and shivers!

The sun goes down early because we are so close to the range. And the forest behind us is thirty yards from the back door. You can only see another thirty yards in, and then it is too dark. The stars are brilliant.

Anyway, apart from teasing you. I should alert you that although some email has arrived and you therefore may get this, there is no phone coverage. So I may not even get voice mail for half a day unless we go out towards Stawell.

Keep well.
Posted Oct 2005



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