On from Young, 2011

What are the Surroundings?

In Mudmap One, our boys are bushed (lost). There is a suspicion that a lot of hard climbing, and pushing through scrub is not getting us anywhere. We're not sure where we are. Why did we ever come on this journey anyway? What's the point?

We are short of food and water, (AKA the pub and TV and sport no longer entertain us to cover our nagging questions about life) so we must seriously sit down and think through where we are at.

What questions do we need to answer to make a useful map for travelling?

There are the big questions like:
Who am I? What am I here for?

And there are plenty others like:

  • How can I get on with women, or my partner?
  • Where can I find a real friend?
  • How can I be safe and have some one to love if I'm gay?
  • As a heterosexual, why am I hung up on sex and often gays in particular?
  • What's work and money and ethics about?
  • How can I bring up my kids?
  • What can I believe in?
  • Does God/religion/Jesus/whoever, have anything to do with any of this?

Mapping Questions

What are the big issues for my life?
Are there issues where being male seems to make a difference?

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