The Devil's Peak in the dusk, 2014, looking south from the Hawker Road.

Centring Prayer

This prayer was used at the beginning of worship.  The slides were unannounced; some people may not have seen them. We used slides appropriate to the imagery of the prayer.  The final slide was a close up photo of a new baby in the congregation.

Let us remember who we are.
We live on a small planet
in a small solar system.
Rock and gas
and the violent storms of space
have not left a us an airless place
battered by every falling meteor. (Side)

We are of Earth (Slide)
a place fecund with Life. (Slide)
It has been given to us to know something of ourselves
to feel not only pain and fear
or  live only in the grip of instinct.
It has been given to us to know laughter
and joy
and Love. (Slide)
We have met the Divine.

Let us be silent
and remember
and be glad for all the good which has been given.
Let us remember the man Jesus
whose life shows us how mighty life can be.
Let us remember all the other people
who have given us life.

Let us remember who we are.

Andrew Prior

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