The Gammon Ranges

This trip aimed to reach Grindell's Hut in the Gammon Ranges, where I had family working. It involves some fairly remote riding with little water available, so I settled for a heavy touring layout with rear panniers and other bags. I needed to be able to camp on the way, so carried a bivvie and sleeping bag. I defrayed expenses by carrying dehydrated morning and evening meals for the trip, which I restocked at the hut. The plan was to take four days going up, stay for three, take a day across the ranges to Leigh Creek, and then do a non-stopper back to Adelaide. (See the right-hand menu for more...)

tripupThis is the route taken up to Grindell's Hut, and then across to Copley. 

copley-jamestownThe route home as far as Jamestown. From there, the route back to Adelaide is almost identical to the up route.

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