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anotherwayhomeI thought I might title this photo, "There's always another way home!" But sometimes, when you think you'll go a little further up the hill, and take a wider loop around to rejoin the route home, you miss the track that looked so obvious on Google Maps....  Read on >>>>

The Melbourne trip was the usual learning curve of unexpected events which seems to characterise long rides.... Read on >>>>





I've just put on a new set of tyres. My tyres of choice are Shwalbe Marathon Plus, 700 x 32. In the photo you can see the new front tyre with the two I have just taken off. These two gave me 12,000km with no punctures. They're not exactly bald, but I'm doing a long trip and want the insurance of new casings... Read on >>>>

Long rides are different. The effects of fatigue, sun, cold, and rain, are magnified. But endurance rides mean we don’t have the option to stop and camp until things improve. We need a survival plan if things go wrong. Just riding to the next town may mean another 100km, so on an all-night ride we need to carry something which will let us stop and stay warm.  That means more gear that we’d carry for a day ride. But food and gear means more weight, which chews up energy. Panniers add wind resistance. There are brilliant lightweight bivvy bags and frame bags for biking, but they are not cheap.

Each long ride has its own issues that need to be covered, depending on the distance and season, etc.

This is my game plan for an upcoming long ride from Adelaide to Melbourne. I hope to get away with only a short 90 minute sleep, mid ride.... Read on >>>

This odd piece of kit is a strip of weld mesh, suitably cut and rounded off with a grinder.

It's purpose is to lie across the top of a rack and extend its length to hold up the end of a sports bag.  I made it up for the purposes of endurance rides of a day or two where I need to carry some kit, but don't want the drag of panniers.... Read on >>>>







Sunday was the Coast to Coast for this year, and since it was a weekend off, I decided to use it as a test run for a rack top bag, and as a training run for a longer ride later in the month.... Read on >>>>

A lot of our weight obsessions are socially generated. My dad was fat. He was pilloried for it, despite the fact that our doctor said he was the fittest farmer of his age that he knew—  he lived past 90. As a boy, I learned that being overweight was shameful, and I decided I would never let myself get fat.

But obesity is also hugely dangerous to our physical health, and to be lighter is to feel noticeably healthier. As a nation, we are overweight.

And obesity is finally an issue, and a disease, of spirit. It is not simply a matter of calories, as anyone serious about weight loss soon discovers.

Obesity is a spiritual issue because it is an indicator that we have lost awareness of ourselves, and are being ruled by our environment. If it were just a matter of calories, weight loss would be easy... Read on >>>>

The key reason for commuting into Adelaide-- apart from the general enjoyment, money savings, and fitness, is that it is effortless training for my real passion, which is long distance riding. My three days riding to the city and Kurralta Park give my 200kms a week. The one shortcoming with all this is that the trip to Adelaide is flat.

So I've used a number of slightly longer loops over the years to add kilometres and hills. The tricky  thing is to find routes that are efficient; that is, not too much traffic, not too long waiting to get across busy roads, and not too much longer than the average 30km run into town. There is a great route up Yorketown Road and along the top of the range (via Torrens Hill and Corkscrew Road, but at 60km it's not really viable as a before work ride on a regular basis!)

I think I've worked out a new route which eases into some climbing, and yet remains reasonably fast. It's also off the worst of the high traffic routes.

I take the normal route from Elizabeth to the Old Spot Hotel... Read on >>>>

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