Another way home...

I had intended to go home up the Linear Park and Gorge Road, but Gorge Road is closed for tree clearing. So I headed up Montacute Road instead, thinking I might not have to wait too long if I took the plunge off Corkscrew Road down to the Gorge. But no, that was going to have me waiting over an hour. I kept going up Montacute and "went around the back way" from Basket Range.

This involved Burdett Road which is very steep descent on terrible bitumen which is not much wider than a car width. Back wheel drifting territory if one is not careful. There is then a long climb back up to the head of Fox Creek Road. Very little of this is bitumen. The last 400 metres of so of Mawson Road sits between 13 and 17 percent, with loose gravel. I decided to walk the last pinch instead of falling off for lack of traction! When you get to the farm with a dozen old Peugeots parked along the road you know you have arrived at the steep point.

The country is typically beautiful Adelaide Hills, and in mid February the apples are ripening— you get wafts of over ripe fruit in some places. Despite all the heat the deep creeks still have water, and through the fire ground at Sampson Flat and Milbrook Road huge roos are down on the roadside for the green pick. One bloke, higher than me standing on the pedals hopped the fence like it was not there!


Fireground Tippett Road regrowthHome to Elizabeth from the city was around 80km and I managed a smidgin over 18kph which I am well pleased with given the metal roads. The GPS tells me 1425 metres up and 1414 metres down, which is a daft way to go home on a warm afternoon!



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