Looking East from Hilltop Farm towards Gladstone South Australia

Seaford - Elizabeth

This is a ride with something for everyone. I took the train to Seaford and then went by bike path to Willunga. Old Willunga Hill Road is long, but not too steep, and the traffic is very light. It is a gentle ride from the top of Willunga Hill to Lobethal. The fun starts here.

Take Post Office Road out to Croft Road and then look for Prankerd Road. This is the Mawson Trail through to Castambul. It is unsealed, (mostly) downhill, and sometimes very steep downhill— in excess of 18% in a couple of places. I rode it comfortably with a 32c touring tyre on the back and 28c touring tyre on the front.

You end up on the opposite side of Kangaroo Creek Dam to the Gorge Road, and very much higher. It's a great ride, with stunning hills views. 

The road is closed on fireban days, and you'd be a full to go in there then. I'd also tell someone your route... it's lonely country.


Trip Time 08:44:37, Riding Time 06:46:44
Riding Distance 123.36 km
Altitude Gain 1511 m
Avg Speed 18.2 km/h


Altitude profile

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