How we did it in the 70s

Touring CyclistIn 1975 I chaperoned Bev Walker-- old fashioned and gallant, I was--  on a two day ride back to her home in Mildura. Her Dad just about burst with pride at his little girl when she rode unannounced into their back yard!

I then went south through Horsham and the Grampians, down to Hamilton and the coast at Port Fairy and on through Portland to Mt Gambier. Then back to Adelaide.

The photo was taken on Germantown Hill when some friends from Lincoln College came out to meet me on the last day of the trip. Ten glorious days and around 1600km. 

The bike is a steel frame Malvern Star which cost $220.00 from Deane Toseland's Bike Shop in 1973. Twelve gears, Brook's saddle and plasticised cloth pannier bags front and rear. Dynamo powered lights and one and a quarter inch tyres made an up to the minute touring outfit.

The photo came from the 1975 Lincoln College Magazine.




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