Williamstown Loop

Elizabeth to Williamstown via Para Wirra National Park, returning via Kersbrook and Mt Gawler.

This ride is about 67kms and takes me about three hours.

Leave Elizabeth Shopping Centre (M), and proceed to One Tree Hill via Yorketown Road.  At Point B go straight ahead through the intersection to climb up to Humbug Scrub. You have 26km of bitumen to the first red dot. There is about 5-6km of gravel road between the red dots.  I ride it happily on 700x23C tires, although it needs some care.

The gravel ends on Yettie Road, 2 or 3 km short of Williamstown. You then have 14km to Kersbrook (D). The ride back to One Tree Hill, which goes over the side of Mt Gawler is 12km from Kersbrook. The final stage back into Elizabeth is 10 km.

Note that when you take the big plunge down off the ridge on Bassnet Road, the 25kph sign is serious... and does not give you a lot of warning! Watch for kangaroos on the fast descents.

If you want more, you can divert along Adams Road and up Craigmore Road to the Gawler - One Tree Hill road. This is marked out with the yellow dots. This loop takes the trip up to around 75km.

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