Three Day Weekend

I planned a three day ride up into the Flinders, but this came unstuck with a broken spoke on the first day, 123 km north of Adelaide. A wheel should keep running with one spoke missing, but I've been down this path before and found that eventually another spoke will go. So heavier gauge spokes or not, I was not going into more remote country on a suspect back wheel.  Day One was a 246km training ride up past Clare and back home!


Templers at dawn. The thermometer rose momentarily to one degree.

02-RiverLightThe old River Light Bridge

03-RattlerTrailWhy would you sit in the traffic on the bitumen when you have this? The Rattler Trail just north of Rhynie.

03-5RattlerBikeThe Bike

05-RoseworthyDuskSunset near Roseworthy, Day One

Gavin at my LBS rebuilt the wheel first thing on Day Two, and I started again, around 6 hours later than I had left on Day One.  As a result, I camped 204km north of Adelaide, at Jamestown. Both days involved substantial cold weather riding; five am to 8am on Day One was at 0 degrees centigrade, and after dark on the second day was soon down to 6 degrees and then down to 2 or 3 degrees through to midnight.

06-BackOnTheRattlerDay2Photo from the same point as Day One on the Rattler, but now late afternoon, Day Two.

07-Rattler into RhynieNear the last of the Rattler, approaching Auburn

I think I have the cold weather issue under control. I wore the same heavy tights and mountain bike shorts as I wore to Victoria, and the same windstopper fabric coat.  Those nights bottomed out around  8 degrees, so a  heavy winter jersey underneath was enough. On this trip I wore my winter weight padded gilet as well. Wet underneath, but warm.

Day Three began with the decision not to continue north to Orroroo. This soon proved to be a wise move, as outside of town it was clear that the north east breeze of the last two days was a lot stronger.


09-JamestownHornsdalePowerStationThe Hornsdale Windfarm from the Jamestown - Gladstone Road

I rode across to Gladstone, then west out to the bottom of our old farm,  and south down the old Huddlestone Road towards Koolunga. This used to be a three rut track with hints of white metal. It is now a well formed metal road and renamed as the Heaslip Highway. I think my father would have been rather amused by this. I rode past the bottom fence he and I built together 50 years ago; it's still in pretty good shape. He taught me well.

10-MyGrandfathers HouseHillview, the house of my great great grandfather and grandfather.

11-HilltopWhereIGrewUpThis telephoto shot is of the farmhouse where I grew up.

From Koolunga I rode back across to Clare via Brinkworth, and after a cuppa with a good friend there, headed home in the dark. That meant I had covered the Rattler and Riesling Rail Trails twice over in three days.

12-Snowtown Wind Farm from Souh of HuddlestoneSnowtown Windfarm from the Huddlestone - Koolunga Road

Main North Road to Rhynie, or from Riverton, is relatively quiet on a Saturday night. During the day, whether 6am out of Gawler or midday, it is unpleasantly busy and noisy. It is a relief to join the rail trails and get out of the noise.

I used the same top bag on my rack as I used to Victoria after Easter, and added a sleeping bag on the side, hanging it in an octopus strap.  I also added a frame bag, which carried the small stuff that one might hold in jersey pockets but isn't easy to get under a gilet and coat. The combination worked well. 

As well as the rear light you can see in the bike photo above, I have two lights on my helmet. I used these and a light on my ankle at night, and the carrier light as a daytime flasher.

All up I covered just on 700km for the three days. I calculate I missed out on some 9 hours riding time due to the wheel rebuild, so my original 1000km ploan would have been hard work to cover in the three days.

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