Williamstown Loop +

Elizabeth to Williamstown via Para Wirra Park. Return via Warren Road, Norsworthy Road and Kersbrook. Approx 80km.

This ride is an easy four hours riding time. Traffic is minimal.

Take Yorketown Road from the Elizabeth Shopping Centre and proceed to One Tree Hill. After One Tree Hill take the Humbug Scrub Road up past the Para Wirra Gate and along Bassnet Road to Williamstown.

This stretch includes about 5km gravel road which needs care with the gravel. It is not much rougher than some of the bitumen. Williamstown is around 30km on this route. Gravel is marked in yellow on the main map.

40 km will see you to the Warren Road turn off, and 48 to Norsworthy Road. This crosses the same ridge line as Checkers Hill Road, but is quite easy. The trip computer showed a slight increase in my average speed on this section.

After 55km you are in Kersbrook, ready for the last 23km over the shoulder of Mt Gawler and back to Elizabeth.

The map on the left indicates the main turns you need to take to avoid ending up in Mt. Pleasant or in Birdwood.


  • Watch for roos on the descents.
  • Note that when you take the big plunge down off the ridge on Bassnet Road, the 25kph sign is serious... and does not give you a lot of warning! Watch for kangaroos on the fast descents.
  • A cool day in Adelaide city will likely be freezing in Mt Crawford forest. Mt Crawford has had snow falls on Christmas Day! Take a warm jersey.
  • Balancing this: much of this ride is in heavy forest which will guarantee toasted cyclist in the event of a fire. Stay out of the are on extreme fire danger days.
  • If you do the trip in reverse; ie, Kersbrook first, then note that Norsworthy Road has turned into Hill Road at the Kersbrook end.

Click here for an expanded map, or click on the image to go direct to Google Maps.



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