Cyclist's Paradise

Adelaide really is a cyclist's paradise. You can take the fast route in to work and thenGoogle Map take the scenic route home, unbothered by traffic, in great surroundings. The only trouble today was a very persistent magpie in the Little Para Linear Park.

The day began with a fast (well, fast for me!) ride in along the Main North Road cycle path. It's not complete, but it has made MNR a viable ride during the morning rush hour. Traffic is pretty well behaved.

I live in Elizabeth, 30km north of the city, and if I please, I can do the whole trip on back streets and bike paths, but this takes another 15 minutes or so. 

After work I came home via the Torrens Linear Park, going all the way from the Zoo to the Hills face, and then travelled along the Hills face to Athelstone to Tea Tree Gully.

To get back to Elizabeth you have to cut across through Golden Grove, but can then divert off Target Hill Road and take the quiet streets and parks home through Hillbank and Adam Creek.Bike path through gum trees

All up it's a 70km round trip, 3 hours 10 minutes riding, and even an old bloke like me can manage 22kph.

You can see the trip here on Google Maps.











View of plains and coast

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