Tour Down Under 2016

I'd hoped to go on from Victor Harbor and make a longer day of this, but eventually came straight home, not least because I met a friend I had not seen for years. So we rode back to Adelaide together, and I then came home. The ride was redirected for a short distance near Port Elliot, because of storm danger. We missed the rain on the way home while those a few minutes behind endured some heavy showers!

Norwood start



Going Down
Trip Time 08:51:15 Riding Time 07:41:48
Riding Distance 162.21 km
Altitude Gain 1347 m
Avg Temperature 24.7 oC
Avg Speed 21.1 km/h
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Coming Home
Trip Time 07:50:03 Riding Time 06:15:18
Riding Distance 127.54 km
Altitude Gain 900 m
Avg Temperature 26.1 oC
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