300km Sedan

This ride was a part of my training for a 1200km audax.  I'm unlikely to be able to do the whole 1200 inside the 90 hours; I'm a bit old. But there is no harm in taking as little time as possible.  I set up a 300km loop which includes my audax route through the Adelaide Hills.  I was especially interested in keeping down the time lost to stops, which can easily bloat out to 25% of a ride.  I aimed at no more than 6 minutes stationary per hour, and was really pleased to pull that off.

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The view from Monarto across the Murray valley was spectacular with everything from Murray Bridge up to Mannum under dense fog.


You can see the effect of the Hills climbs in the 100km screen shot. I've taken just a whisker over the 6 hours. (I left at 3.16am)


This has all been dragged back by 200km, which I'm really pleased with given the brutal climb across to Angaston from Sedan. The main section is only 7.5 -9%, but with 150km on the clock, you feel it. The sun came out right then, for 20 minutes on a day that had struggled to reach 12 degrees. Moving slowly on the hills face  felt like mid-summer!


I'm not buying this bargain just outside Sedan!


I made my 300km without hitting the stobie pole they've planted in the middle of the Tapa Martinthi Yala. No signage, of course. It gave me a bit of a surprise looming up out of the dark.


I was well ahead for the 300km mark. 


It was a good ride, although I struggled not to go too fast to bring up the 300. I note today, that I am a bit dehydrated. I clearly didn't drink enough, even though getting through my 3 bidons more than three times. Not a thing to do on a longer trip.

I now need to rethink my longer trip. I simply don't sleep well enough the day before to be getting up at 2a.m.

(June 18 2022)

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