Cleland Loop

Cleland Conservation Park, well known for its koalas, also hosts numerous walking and riding trails.  There is a helpful map showing a few which are out of bounds for bikes. A few others are obviously not rideable— you'd be carrying the bike. They scale the paths as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Deb and I have taken our touring bikes over some of the advanced stuff; you walk a lot, mostly due to lack of traction, although there are also some very rocky sections.

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Today's ride left Waterfall Gully and meandered in a 22km loop around the park on the beginner and intermediate paths, returning to Adelaide down the Old Bullock Track from near Measday's Lookout on the old freeway. A few mountain bikes whose wide soft tyres soak up the rough raced past me, but I was able to ride a good 98% of the route by carefully picking my way in low gear. There are times when for the sake of life and rim one simply has to give up! With a maximum grade of 32% there are places where the mountain bikes need to be pushed as well, and where it's hard to keep your footing, but much of the time I was able to enjoy a little faster than walking pace. 

bartrilspurtrackBartril Spur Track. This is as good a surface as you will get. Things soon get sketchy.

I spent time chatting with a park ranger who was pollarding gums for the koalas, and a couple of mountain bikers. As always, the views of the gulf and city were stunning, and it was simply good to be in the bush. Not that this is pristine country (there is no such thing) because it has huge infestations of blackberry, lots of olive, Mediterranean fig, and even artichoke. There are also the inevitable rabbits (many) and deer. But a good place to be, nonetheless.

bambi      skippy
Bambi and Skippy

Adelaide from the Old Bullock Track. (Large)



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