Bright (2018)

I travelled from Elizabeth across to Bright, hoping to travel up through the snow and across to Bairnsdale. Not everything went according to plan! I did this trip using a trailer, and have pretty much decided I'm over trailers.

In some ways the trip was ill-conceived. I had initially planned to do a lightweight touring trip, using my own version of what is now called bike-packing. Since the snow falls in the alps were among the heaviest on record, I decided to taker the trailer and carry some warmer clothes in case I got stuck, and in order to lower costs. Heavier touring with a stove means I can camp out and need to buy very little food.  But the distances I undertook on a daily basis made camping out a pretty tiresome undertaking. Plus, I was tired before I left; it's been a too heavy year in my part of the world.   Nonetheless, I put in some real miles and saw some spectacular country...Read on >>>


From the rail trail to Bright

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