Beulah Road

Beulah Road is the way to get into town from the Magill and Tranmere area.

The power of this path comes from the fact that cars cannot cross Osborne Terrace in Norwood, and cannot travel south across Portrush Road. This prevents it being a major commuter vehicle route. The route is optimised for bikes, with bike lights across Portrush Road, multiple roundabouts, speed humps, and painted lanes at the busier city end. These deliver riders into the East End at Rundle Street.  It's a fast morning ride: I take 20 minutes for my 7km in, helped by the gentle slope down to the city. But it is a gentle slope, so it's no hassle to ride home. Because there are so many bikes on this route, car traffic is bike aware and often gives way where, strictly speaking, the car has right of way.


From our unit near The Gums Reserve, I need to cross both Magill Road (to get to Cuthero Terrace) and then dogleg across Glynburn Road to enter Beulah Road. In both cases this rarely takes more than 30 seconds to a minute to get an appropriate break in traffic.



Depending where I am in the city, I sometimes enter the parklands from Carrington Street and use William Street to get up to Beulah Road via Queen Street, Norwood.



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