Fencing with Doctrine

Road Sign
I don’t know if the highways department customised this sign, or whether the “5” has been removed by a local, but it was a wise move.  Around the bend is the sharpest ‘devil’s elbow’ I’ve ever seen!

The road is like life.  There is a deadly drop if you should come to calamity on this corner. But there is also a green thicket over the edge of the railing.  I could hear creatures bouncing around as I pedalled slowly up the hill this morning.

Doctrine is like the safety rail. Go slow! Be careful! New territory- may be dangerous!

Safety RailingWe often think of doctrine as an immovable fence, hemming in the church.  On the contrary, it is easy to climb over, if not always wise. To be fully faithful as a church, there are times when we must investigate the green thicket; that new, fertile growth which is teeming with life.

(The picture is from Corkscrew Road, which connects Montacute  and the Gorge Roads in the Adelaide Hills.)



















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