LandscapeI'm trying to teach myself photo editing, which is proving slow, given I have about zero natural talent. I decided to take one of my photos and remove a couple or road signs. It's not that the signs spoiled the photos; the deep yellows worked quite well with the colours of the landscape.  But each sign was a large block of colour that needed to be replaced with what I imagined might have been behind it; this was no mere removal of a dust speck on one of my father's old slides.

I spent half an hour trying to remove a sign which bisected a gum trunk and shrubbery. Intense concentration had been focussed upon this spot, but as I zoomed out I realised I had failed to see something mere pixels away. A political advertisement—vote for me!—was nailed to the tree. I was so focussed on the yellow diamond of the sign that I had been blind to it!

It's a metaphor for life. Where will we focus our attention? Will it blind us to what else is around us? What should we be looking for?

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Trevor 20-05-2013
I take it that photo was taken near Molong in NSW? AP:Yes... somewhere between there and Cowra


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