Bread Alone

We give people food vouchers to a local supermarket.  The manager generously takes in all kinds of our clients- some simply down on their luck, others plain nasty. He regularly sends over bread by the trolley load for our freezers.  Often it is well within the "use by date."  He is a man of compassion, I think.

There are complaints from our own members sometimes. "They don't spend the money properly."   "They bought pizza... or lollies... or cigarettes. They don't deserve this help!"

It is so humiliating to ask for money.  So hard to admit you failed.  So frightening that there may be nothing to eat, no place to sleep.

And so good, just for a few moments, to be a little like other people.  Not to buy the cheapest white bread, but to eat Pizza.  You cannot live by bread alone.....


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