Will that be sand or cash with your castle?

We're born to play. Why else would there be brass pigs in Rundle Mall?

Brass Pig looking in a bin

Young children ride on their backs, and tourists have their photos taken along side them.

Brass Pig walking on pavers

A friend confesses to placing the Yellow Pages, open to the Restaurant section, beneath Truffle's nose, artfully posed late one night as though he were seeking a place to eat. Another artist softened a bar of chocolate and strategically daubed it in place to emulate the scours.

This morning they are building the sandcastle for Christmas. The official reason, no doubt, is to provide entertainment and bring in the shoppers for Christmas. But we all know the real reason. Even grown men like to play.

Two Men building a sandcastle in Rundle Mall

We often play at our jobs, too. It's just a pity we didn't build more castles with sand, and less with cash. The sand is more durable, and better for our souls.

Close up of man building a sandcastel

Photos and Text (c) Andrew Prior

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