Writing without Answers

Jan 8 2006

One reason I like to have answers is because half an eye rests on the audience; I feel like an answer or conclusion is required of me. And life feels better will answers- especially if one pretends to be writing about issues of meaning.

The problem with life is that usually there are not answers- especially if  one pretends to write about issues of meaning .  Indeed, the reason issues of meaning hold our attention so fully, is they are issues where we have no answer!

Life must be lived with only the most general of answers. If we have all the answers about life well defined, we are not living our life. We are existing according to someone else's definition of meaning. 

So there are few answers on these pages . There cannot be. Sometimes, though, when I am tired I could almost welcome the slavery of having all the answers. At a distance it seems so easy and comfortable.

 So you want to go back to Egypt...

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