In the relative peacefulness of Australia, some of us are inclined to wonder why the "Serbs and the Bosnians" - name any warring groups here- can't just make up and live at peace.  Well, at school there was this kid about 3 years older than me.  He was one of the "heavies."  Unlike some kids he didn't make my life a misery.  He was just one of those people you knew not to cross, and steered clear of.

I haven't seen him since the day he left school- it must be 30 years ago.  He was in the news the other week, being investigated for certain unspecified activities.  I was startled by my instant response- "Serves the bastard right!"  A flood of resentment surfaced in me.  I found I was keeping an eye out for more in the papers. Mulling this over a couple of times, I found I would be quite happy to beat the shit out of him!

I'm not sure why all this is so.  I also actually feel a bit sorry for the bloke.  But I've learned a lesson about why it's hard for issues of hate and revenge to be resolved- I mean I really have nothing to be angry about with him.  Making our peace with people- being reconciled- even making reparation are important things to do.  It's a pity our current government is so opposed to such things.  What does it say for our future in Australia?

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