Who is God?

Divinity is a symbol pointing to the utter mystery of our being! Divinity is a symbol of the fact that there is something rather than nothing. And the acknowledgement that we have no idea why! Divinity gives to us not only to know that we are, but gives to us to be able to think and reflect on our being and move beyond mere instinct. After much thinking we know we know very little, but it would seem that Divinity is Good. For we long for, and are able to choose beyond, instinct, revenge, and our self, and if the Divine has a place in our picture of the world, we cannot help but call the source of this ability the Divine.

Some think Divinity is a projection of our needs for security and certainty. Even the most selfless altruism has been bred into us by some Darwinian pressure for survival and is not really good. If I were so cynical, would I be cynical enough to wonder if my position were not also a projection... to escape the acceptance of my utter ignorance and ultimate insecurity?

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