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A true story...

He told me,  laughing,  how he was going to tell the boss that Deane is sick.  So Deane won't have to show up tomorrow.  He did, too; a barefaced, unblushing lie. That left me feeling uncomfortable enough.  But Deane not being there tomorrow has left the boss in a jam.  He asked me to do some of the damage control.  So now I'm part of the conspiracy to cover Deane's absence.  And the boss thinks I'm helping.  And thanked me and was grateful!

I won't trust Deane and Luke in quite the same way again.  If they say work is done, I'll check.  In fact, I'm wondering about some stuff... odd things I couldn't explain in the past.  Maybe I was being lied to then.

How will the boss feel in all this?  Should I tell him?  And when?

I'm angry with Deane.  Don't suck me into your dirt.  You compromised me.  You've put me in a no win situation.  You  tainted my relationship with someone I respect and who I would like to be able to respect me.  And tell your own bloody lies.  Luke's only a kid.  Who do you think you are putting him in that position.  You're gutless.

Luke, grow up!  This could cost you your job.  You won't have my trust anymore.  If you have to lie, don't drag everyone into it... it will do you no good.

Lying is a bad thing.  It causes big problems.  And yet who can always tell the truth?  It can be almost as much a problem.  We are all compromised and complicit in something less than perfection.  We may not like the word sin, debased by the churches in the way it has been, but we all know about complicity.

We all know what it is to have divided loyalties and to feel trapped about the right thing to say or do.  This is a  simple little problem, but it should remind us that although we may not like sin, the things we have called sin, have not gone away.

How do we make the ethical decisions of this tacky little dilemma?  What is the basis of my advice to Luke? And the basis of my anger at Deane... is it fair?  What will be the basis of telling the boss?

November 11 2001

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