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Divine vs. God

Jan: Andrew, you keep making a distinction between God and The Divine?  What are you on about here?  Is this a real distinction?

Andrew: Yes it is. 

If you ask people what God is like in our culture you will get a range of answers, but they will all be influenced by the theological model I am now saying is somewhat bankrupt. I use the term "The Divine" to try and communicate the idea of that "other," numinous experience we humans have.  "God" is a model we use to explain and interpret that.  It is one of the interpretations of the variety of religious experiences (apologies to Wm. James.)

Many people will have trouble separating "God" from the traditional Judeo Christian model of God that no longer works in our time.  I am saying "The Divine" is still here, so to speak, but we need to interpret it differently to make any sense of it.

July 26 2001

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