The Great Love of God

Here we are, Lord
running busy in the streets
working hard in the city
and not seeing the beauty--
too busy to feel the great gift of life
you have given us. 

Take us into the back yards of life
and the quiet parks
of safe still evenings
where we may feel the cool smooth
air in our nose
and be wrapped in the gentleness
of the night
content with the small night sounds
through which you speak. 

Let us feel again
the great love of God.
Let us see again the clear stream
and know the barriers between us broken
and embrace the pearl of great price--
the treasure of heav’n.

We are here great loving God.
Hear the cry of our hearts.
Take us
talk to us
use us
save us. 

You are our God
and we reach back
and embrace your love.

In Jesus name we pray.

To follow the Hymn The Great Love of God, by DT Niles



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