A Commentary
This does not pretend to be a critical commentary.  It is more of a conversation, a dialogue with the gospel.  It reflects my concerns and issues, my seeking of God.  So, who knows for how long it will go, and how far?  I welcome your comments and questions.

Three months in, I have mostly avoided consulting other commentaries; I have been interested in how the Gospel strikes me 'again for the first time.' Of course, I've read plenty in the past! I'm trying not to slip into the (unexplained) jargon of the church, but find sometimes there is no other language.

I'm 'publishing as I go.' There are few revised and polished pages here. Thematic development is not a major concern. My question is what "Mark" is saying to me today. For all that, themes such as Jerusalem, and being in or out, force themselves into my consciousness.



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