...in the congregation

In my computing work there is always a clamour of competing demands; the boss, several clients phoning at a time, colleagues needing assistance, three computers on the screen at once... the list goes on.  In all the urgency, the direction the business is meant to be taking can get lost, and loudest squeaky wheel can take up all the time- even though it is relatively unimportant.  It's just like... a congregation.

We have a list of "big rocks" in our office; the key issues that need to be addressed and achieved.  They sit, bullet pointed,  in the top of my in-tray, and we check our progress against them each week.  The demands of the moment are measured against them. New opportunities and directions are assessed besides them.  

The big rocks are not inviolable, or 'holy writ.'  They also are re-assessed.  But they are our daily guide and health check. Wondering about heading back towards work in the church- I don't think it will happen- I made my own list... just to remember.  Not holy writ... up for revision... a work in progress... and the beginning of one more mud map.

I think the Church should:

 The Church can do this by:





We begin that task by: 




My role as a Minister of the Word is to

  1. Live alongside, and as one of, the people of God by: 



  2. Bring to the people: 


  3. Remain healthy in mind and body by


Posted March 23 2007




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