William and Bernice Prior's Family

William and Bernice and familyThe photo shows Mercia, Bernice and William at the back and Zootha and Mernita. in front. This photo was taken on 22 Jan. 1922.

Bernice Mercia Lillian Prior (30.7.1904)
From the history of her father we know that Mercia had a childhood characterised by many moves. Consequently her schooling must have been very disjointed. She first went to school at Yering in 1908. She left school at the age of fourteen when the family were living at Monea, between Avenel and Lockesly, north of Melbourne. In 1936 Mercia married James John Graydon. in 1940 for twelve months Mercia and Jim, with their two boys, worked a dairy farm at Traralgon with Mercia's father. 

Violet Mernitia Naomi Prior 1907
In 1942 Mernita was married to Cyril Vivian Marlyn. Her wedding is curious for the fact that Mernita's father bought a house just for the reception; it was sold a fortnight later. Cyril was a member of the Victorian Police Force and was stationed at several centres throughout the state, Bernice, Mernita, Zootha with Williamincluding a post at Inverleigh, west of Geelong. 

The picture shows Bernice, Mernita and Zootha with William.

Zootha Camilla Dorcas Prior 1912
Zootha started school at Monea in 1918. It is unlikely that her early education was as disrupted as that of her sisters. Zootha's mother settled in Melbourne from 1922. Zootha and her sisters visited South Australia in the late 1930s and spent some time on the farm taken up by Jonathan and Sarah.

In 1939 Zootha married Charles William Muffet. In 1941 Zootha and Charles moved to the dairy farm at Traralgon to work with her father.

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